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In November 1981, a rare talent was born. 19 years later, a dream is coming true...Sara Butcher is beginning her artistic career at one of the finest art schools in the United States, the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

MCAD is located next door to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and offers courses in over 19 art related fields. In March 2000 MCAD undergraduate students received a Best of Show award in the prestigous "HOW" magazine's Annual Interactive Design Competition. The entrants CD-ROM submission was chosen over 750 other professional and higher education entries.

Art Awards

  • 2000 - Friends of MCAD Scholar Grant
  • 2000 - Scholastic Art Award, Silver Key
  • 2000 - Scholastic Art Award, Honorable Mention
  • 1998 - Scholastic Art Award, Honorable Mention
  • 1998 - Iowa State Fair, 1st Place, Youth Division
  • 1997 - Scholastic Art Award, Honorable Mention
  • 1995 - Iowa State Fair, $100 Merit Award

    Four years ago Sara visited the MCAD campus and made it a goal to be accepted at the end of her senior year. She worked very hard in high school to make it a reality and graduated with several art honors.
    She received a $12,000 "Friends of MCAD Scholar" Grant for her outstanding achievement in high school. Other forms of financial aid have also been received, and hopefully more will be forthcoming, but it all falls short of the demanding $100,000 total required during the four years at MCAD. Her father and mother were overjoyed at her choice of schools, but realized the financial commitment would be monumental.


    Financial Aid Awards 00/01

  • Opportunity Grant - $5,000
  • Friends of MCAD Scholar - $3,000
  • Distance Grant - $1,500

    Total Grants and Scholarships - $9,500

        In order to supplement or, if this endeavor proves fruitful, to finance Sara's dream, we are launching The Friends of Sara College Fund. You will receive, in appreciation for your donation, an orginal work of Sara's art. Below you will see examples of artwork available and the donation amounts for each type of work. Each painting will be unique and created by Sara while she attends classes at MCAD.

        Please help Sara continue creating angels, faeries, and whatever else emerges from a truly unique and creative soul. The worth of her education is important to her, and she realizes contributions from friends is something to cherish and hold high in her heart. By investing in Sara's dream, we help her fulfill the promise she holds in her hands, and her heart, to take advantage of a wonderful opportunity for the future. In appreciation, Sara will create for you a personal image, which will undoubtedly appreciate in value as she becomes more well known as one of Iowa's most prolific artists.

    Her energy is undaunting!

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    $500 - $1000 Donation

    Receive an original 16 x 20 acrylic painting. Framed with unfinished pine lattice, and painted on stretched 100% cotton canvas, these paintings will only appreciate in value. Sara has the gifted ability to adapt to any medium, and creating her stunning images on canvas has proven to be inspirational.

    "Snow Faerie"
    Sample Image


    "Temple Elf Priestess"
    Sample Image


    $250 - $500 Donation

    Receive a beautiful original watercolor painting. Framed and matted, these images are in high demand, and one of Sara's favorite mediums. Watercolor is one of the most unforgiving forms of painting, and Sara enjoys the challenge with flowing zeal.

    $100 - $250 Donation

    Receive a framed, matted, and signed laser image from Sara's computer graphic portfolio. Sara works with the computer in a very natural way, it is a medium destined to be an important part of her professional artistic career.

    "Loriali" Sample Image


    $50 - $100 Donation

    You Can select any piece of artwork that Sara has done and get it placed on a T-Shirt! Something we will see more of in the near future!

  • Please Help A Dream Come True!
    Contact Bryan Butcher for further information.

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