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February 28, 2004 16:36

Object of High Albedo in Gusev Crater

While stitching together a series of images from Spirit's NavCam on Sol 45, I came across an object which displayed an unusual brightness. It appears to be a data drop, or image artifact, but after thinking about it....very briefly....a puzzling question emerges. How could this happen with both cameras...the right and the left? I can see one camera having a glitch, but both...at the same time, in the same location? The artifacts/objects appear in different configurations...yet supposedly they were taken at identical times. This being the case, it is likely the image shows an object of high albedo, or reflective power on the Martian landscape.





Left Navigation Camera

Right Navigation Camera

Second Object of High Albedo Located on Sol 50


Context Image

2x Zoom

3x Zoom


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Context Images courtesy NASA/JPL