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February 27, 2004 0:04

Image Posted Upside Down on MER Website

The above snapshot of the MER website shows image in the original orientation as posted on sol 30.

In the original orientation of the image I was stumped by the elongated shadow near the bottom of the above enhancement. I could not find the source of the shadow given the sunlight angle, which is coming from the above right.

After rotating the image attempting to find an answer to the mystery, I discovered something startling. The image was posted upside down on the JPL website! The convincing evidence is written in the sand. Notice the sand in the first original image...it is clinging to the tops of the rocks. In the rotated version, the sand is laying correctly on the ledges of the rock.

Still not convinced?

Below are two collages of images from the micro imager. They clearly demonstrate the image in question has been rotated 180 on the JPL website. The first collage shows the image rotated, the second image shows how the collage would appear if the image was used directly from the JPL website. Click on images for full resolution.

[Image size: 1.2 MB]

[Image size: 1.2 MB]

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Context Images courtesy NASA/JPL