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February 21, 2004 11:37

Humans First To Litter Mars....

Litter #1. When I first spotted the "flower" "skull" "rabbit" anomaly I immediately thought of a crumpled piece of paper....and thus dubbed it 'litter.' It was very difficult to perceive this anomaly as a natural, or organic object...it always appeared artificial, and I think it will become evident that's exactly what it is....artificially human-made. Thanks to the MSPan image, I was able to discover many more pieces of litter in a semi-circular pattern on the crater floor near the lander. I admit "Litter #1" has a different appearence than the subsequent pieces, but if commonsense is applied, it is obvious we, the humans, are responsible for the trash at the side of the road.

First Enhancement

Context Image

Additional Enhancements of Litter #1

Color enhancement produced by Charles Creager Jr. combined with original greyscale frame

Enhancement from MSPan image released on the Mars Rover website 02.03.04

Litter #2. Note the orange-blue color pattern.

Litter #3. Dubbed "the bird"

Litter #4. More blue and orange color patterns.

Litter #5. Dubbed "Perch," as in the fish, by a close friend. It is surprising the anomaly was not pointed out sooner.

Litter Literally Gone!

Litter #1 disappeared from view when image 1N128636065EFF0211P1528L0M1.JPG was snapped. Superimposed on MSPan_B1_2x-B009R1.jpg, it is clear the "bunny" "claw" "skull" is nowhere to be found.

After the deployment of the Opportunity rover from the lander, it took a direct course toward the area in which Litter #1 was located, but the folks at JPL stated it was of no interest. Actually, I think it was gone before they got there. X marks the spot where the anomaly should appear.

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© Bryan Butcher, 2004

Context Images courtesy NASA/JPL